The Role Of Love And Marriage In The Puritan Era

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Love and Marriage has been a huge topic in the Puritan Era. It is argued by critics that puritans treat Love and Marriage as the meanings of life as they represents the “relationship that structures everything: God’s covenant with believers” (Furey 201). How love situates itself in men’s relationship with god is discussed in many Puritan literature. Two puritan poets, Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor have been famous for their expressions of their affection and humility towards God in their poems. Yet, it is argued that they dealt with the topics of Love and Marriage differently. While Bradstreet sees the loving relationship between husband and wife as a way to praise God and to claim the heavenly rewards in afterlife, Taylor believes love of God has the power to unify divine and human. Puritanism refers to the movement in the sixteenth and seventeenth century to reform the English Christianity. According to critic Leites, puritans pursue a life which is “in the realm of everyday conduct, ethically strict; in the realm of belief, meticulously scrupulous; in matters of ritual, simple, and in matters of piety, deeply concerned with the inward state of the soul” (Leites 383). He further argues that the piety is analogical with the Puritan’s notion of love, which requires not only the “outward fulfillment of the duties of marriage”, but also “the proper intentions and feelings towards the spouse” (Leites 383). Although there seems to be an existence of a general

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