The Role Of Power In Orwell's Animal Farm

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Current modern soceity has changed in many ways from the 1940 's when Orwell wrote Animal Farm. The revolution and communist rule of Russia that Orwell crituqed through his allegorical novel has come and gone. Likewise many other things such as modern cultural norms and technology also bare very little resemblence to thier prevelant ancestors of that time. However, in this day power still does often bring currption just as it did in Orwell 's classic work. One certral element of this theme that remains true is that regardless of how upstanding the person or how virtous their goals are, power still can currpt. In the novel the pigs (like the other animals) had a noteworthy goal of ending the oppression that the animals of the farm faced through the revolution, however once they came into power after the revolution the pigs changed. While the goal of equality was one of the key principals set forth by the intelectual farther of the revolution Olf Major, the pigs found it ultimately too tempting to resit their urges to use their power for their own benefit. Likewise in the modern world many notable people of power who had virtous goals and orginally seeked to use their posistion for good, have also fallen to the temptation that power brings. For example in the feild of public service, people make their appeals to the voters often by claiming that they will uphold justice while honarably fighting for the people whom they represent. However if one looks at the news then it is

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