The Role Of Racial Segregation In The 19th Century

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Just imagine living in a world where you were mistreated very badly and even banned from places or things just because of the way you were born. That is exactly what happened in the 18th-19th century. Racial segregation is actually pretty darn stupid if you ask me, I mean it’s basically telling someone you're their slave or you can’t go to this school because of your skin colour in which you can’t choose. I mean those poor souls had to go to different schools, separate bathrooms, water fountains, theaters, churches just because of the way they are. Some restaurants or theaters even refused to serve the white and black under the same roof as if they were contagious or something. Some services even refused to serve them at all. The black people…show more content…
Not only black though, if they were white and wanted to marry a Malay or a Mongolian it was illegal. Continuing on, because the whites thought they were so superior, the blacks were given less opportunities and mistreated. The whites had more luxuries and were paid more, while the blacks had the limited basic stuff, low income and were also treated with violence and abuse. Even threats to kill them and violence from the KKK. All this, the segregation, everything that the blacks were faced with was all because of their skin colour and the arrogance of the white people, wanting to be segregated from them. In 1896 and 1951 they were continually trying to abolish segregation, but it was not outlawed. Segregation was finally slowing down and diminishing in 1954, though it took some schools 10 years to integrate. Once segregation was outlawed, that still did not contribute to anything. 75% of schools were still segregated, and half of the black population was still financially below the line of poverty. It truly is terrible how it took the human race almost a whole century to actually integrate and accept people for who they are, even though skin colour is a really shallow reason for

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