The Seizure Of Segregation In The 1890's

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In the early 1890’s the Supreme Court ruled that segregation was legal. This means that blacks and whites used different restaurants, hotels theatres, and hotels. Blacks were considered inferior to white people and got less money from the government. The black schools and hospitals were considerably subpar to the white public places. Jim Crows laws in the South allowed this type of segregation and inequity to occur. The blacks were tired and even fearful in the South of getting killed or beaten if they didn’t follow the segregation laws. Finally a group of white and black people in New Orleans formed a committee called the Citizen’s Committee that would fight the law. A gentlemen by the name of Homer Plessy agreed to test the law by riding in a train for whites. He as a good candidate because he was multi-racial. When he refused to move he was put in jail. …show more content…

The problem was that blacks were not be seen or viewed as equals. They couldn’t even marry interracially. Finally, the blacks decided to move to the North to protect their families and over 1.6 of them migrated. It was called the “Great

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