The Role Of The Communist Revolution In Eastern Europe

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The Soviet Union wanted Europe to be rebuilt along Marxist lines and being a communist country, while the U.S. wanted Europe to be rebuilt along Democratic Capitalist line.

Many countries have seen in Eastern Europe in 1989, decisive developments have led to the collapse of the authoritarian communist regimes that had ruled, but this is the great success of the peoples of these countries came after decades of resistance to the dictatorship. It is considered the peak of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the liberation struggle waged by the peoples of Eastern Europe against the communist dictatorship. The popular revolt began in 1953 in the Democratic Republic of Germany in the form of protest demonstrations in East Berlin against the inhumane working conditions in the country where the economic misery. The …show more content…

This constitutes the first anti-communist revolt in the scope of the authority of the former Soviet Union. The rebels demanded free elections and the dismissal of the leadership of the country and unite the divided Germany. This prompted the leadership to put an end to the insurgency by relying on the police and tanks of the Soviet army. The popular revolt began in 1956 in Hungary peaceful mass demonstration in the capital, Budapest. There are mainly students demonstrated to demand democratic changes. After the government ordered firing on demonstrations accelerated events, as soldiers broke away from their military units to support the demonstrators, which led to an armed fight, transpiration by the end of one-party rule and the appointment of a government that represents several parties. This government announced Hungary out of the Warsaw Pact and demanded the Soviet army to leave the country.

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