The Role Of Women In The 1950's

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Women In the 1950s

The 1950s was a time of conformity in which women were given traditional gender roles such as taking care of their families and everyday household chores, however all of this started to change post World War II. Back in the day, there was a depiction of women that came with a specific image that had to be upheld. The Ideal Women maintained the integrity of being the perfect wife. They were always dressed in their very best, made sure the family always had a hot meal prepped and ready to eat, all while maintaining a clean and tidy household. During the 1950s both marriage and birthrates were booming. Woman were getting married at such a young age, which led them into giving birth and starting families at a much younger age than the average woman today. Since a woman’s first priority was considered to be her family, many of them never got the education they wanted or reached their specific career goals. A job barely even crossed their mind and some could not even fathom the idea. They were seen as having such a “full plate” dealing with the household chores and family, that no one thought they could have any time to spare doing anything else. A woman’s first and only priority back in the 1950s was to keep the house clean and tidy as well as taking care of their children. One of the many roles women faced in the 1950s was basically to provide for their husbands. This meant that they were to make sure that they had a warm delicious meal prepared for their

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