The Roman Way Summary

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In the book, The Roman Way, by Edith Hamilton, the author intends to show a lense into early Roman societies. The Roman civilization is explained by analyzing the writings of several of the greatest authors of the time including Cicero, who wrote many letters; Catullus, who was a poet of love; Horace, a historical writer; and the Romantic writers such as Virgil, Livy, and Seneca. The author is effective in conveying an understanding of what the Romans of the time thought and felt. She also shows what kind of legacy they left behind. This is why the book is a piece of literature that contributes to society in a positive way. Edith Hamilton’s purpose of the books was to show the life and character of the Roman people of the earliest times. She intended to teach people how society acted differently from modern times. In writing the book she spread knowledge of Roman writers which lead to knowledge of the Roman society as a whole. The author is not trying to teach the readers about the history of Rome, but instead about its people.…show more content…
It is a book that would be recommended to people who are beginning to learn about early Rome and who do not already have much knowledge. Taking everything into account, the book is one that contributes to modern society in a positive way because it is important to learn about the past. In conclusion, The Roman Way, by Edith Hamilton was a well written book. While reading it, the extreme amount of knowledge the author has on the subjects is evident. The author was effective in the sense that she does a quality job of teaching people about the early societies of Rome by analyzing ancient writers and their works. Lastly, the book is a piece of literature that provides a lense to look back into early civilizations in Rome, which is something that everybody should gain some knowledge of in their
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