The Scottsboro Case: The Scottsboro V. Alabama

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The Scottsboro Case is the case of nine African-American teenagers brought before the Court of Alabama on charges of rape in 1931. The case became a landmark in the struggle against racism and a fair trial. The court had all white juries.

On March 25,1931, many people were trying to ride the train traveling between Chattanooga and Memphis,Tennessee. Many white teenagers jumped off the train to tell the sheriff that they had been attacked by a group of black teenagers. “The Alabama National Guardsmen protected the scottsboro boys”(powell vs Alabama:the scottsboro boys and american justice).They felt like many people hated them and wanted to protect them before anything happened that was not oppose to happen.The sheriff stopped the train and …show more content…

Most white people thought that they are better than black people so they did not have to treat them with any respect. Another thing is that they only had white witness come to the court and in those days whites did not like blacks so they would

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