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Although the “free” North abolished slavery, the idea of white supremacy was dominant. ‘“...We are of another race and he is inferior. Let him know his place - and keep it.’” (Doc B) The spread of the abolition of slavery throughout the United States began in 1777 through 1865 and sparked the limits of determining a black person’s freedom. The debate is still present: How restricted were blacks in the North, regarding their social, political, and economic freedoms? Actually, free blacks did not have a significant amount of freedom in that time period, especially concerning the listed areas, as they were all severely limited. To begin, African Americans were subject to the most minimal social freedom possible. Segregation was a major issue. Blacks and whites were divided in places like concerts, theaters, and restaurants, as many whites did not fancy associating with the blacks. As a result, many whites did not mingle with them, causing them to be separate from the majority of the population (Doc B). This caused them to be viewed as outsiders, which was not good because it further detracted from their reputation and affected them in other areas of life. Also, they were viewed as inferior. The whites in the north abided by this belief (Doc B). In turn, this …show more content…

Whites were generally against the blacks and saw them as a threat. Of course, not every single white detested blacks, but the majority did. Life was hard for them. Imagine trying to fit in in a place where the majority thought that you did not belong. But, the fight always continues. While it may not be perfect, today’s situation regarding a black person’s freedom is seen as an advancement. In the big picture, blacks and whites are getting along much better than before. After all, there must be pain in this world for there to be

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