The Seven Deadly Sins In Beowulf And Lanval

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Throughout History, Novels and Movies it has been proving that heroes always has an Achilles heel. An Achilles heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can actually or potentially lead to a person downfall. It doesn't matter how perfect a person may be are the world which the person may lived there is always a weakness, it just take the right person to find it. In Beowulf and Lanval both men are honorable men that people may look up as heroes but even honorable men can still fall to the seven sins of men. Even though they are seven sins there are two of which most people fall to and they Lust and Pride. In "Lanval" Lanval is a knight that served in king authors court and he was considered to be a knight among knights.…show more content…
one might ask. Actually Lanval fell to more than one of the deadly sins. The first of the seven deadly sins that Lanval had first fell to was lust. Lust is an emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body. Lanval had first felt lust when he was taking to the maiden by two beautiful women and when he saw " He sees her beauty and is equally struck with love, so much so that he promises he would do whatever she might ask. At his promise, they sleep together and are joined in love." This was when our honorable men first fell to one of the sins. The feel he felt was one of great desired for by just see the women once he already promise that he would do what every she wants him to do . So if she ask him to kill king Author he will do for the feel that he felt was that great and it was so great of a feel that the only way other way to express is through sexual acts and so they…show more content…
Beowulf had fell to his pride for a awhile through the story but the thing with Beowulf is that his pride made him what he is. Beowulf is known to be a great warrior since the begin of the story and also a good king later on down in the story. Beowulf self confidence make him a guy with a lot of pride and that same pride also lead him to is demise. A great dragon was sleeping beneath the earth guarding a treasure until a thief stole a gem and the dragon woke up starting to burn places to the ground looking for it. The Dragon had soon burn down Beowulf’s throne-hall to the ground and Beowulf began to plot his revenge. Beowulf had ask his iron smith to make him a mighty shield one that he hopes will stand up against the breath of flame. Beowulf could of use and army to help him kill the dragon but "He is too proud to assemble a huge army for the fight, and, remembering how he defeated Grendel single-handedly in his youth, feels no fear of the dragon." This was Beowulf pride taking control over him even though he is now and
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