Comparing The Seven Deadly Sins In Sarah's Key And Night

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Greed, lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. Ever since the Middle Ages the Roman Catholic Church has portrayed flaws within humanity as the seven deadly sins. While this concept isn’t new, sins represent how evil can come in many different forms. True evil comes from within and is defined by an action committed with disregard for other living beings; or in other words self-interest. Self-interest is something all humans are born with and often synonymous to the seven deadly sins. The main reason religions exist are to judge evil and decide what punishment shall be ruled out to evil-doers. Of course with any man made system there is bound to be flaws. Group polarization occurs when individuals assemble together and their decisions and actions become increasingly extreme. …show more content…

In Sarah’s Key and Night, the characters of both books survive the atrocities of the Holocaust, only to realize that their faith had mislead them and hid the truth. Now to survive the situations they were forced to go through, Sarah Starzynski and Elie Wiesel came to the realization that no matter how badly they were treated, their tormentors were only angry members of a larger

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