The Somber Assembly: The Tragic Departure Of Hailey Corbin

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This somber assembly has been convened because of the tragic departure of Hailey Corbin. Hailey was a wonderful young lady, and it is unfortunate that her life was cut so short by such an awful disease. We certainly lend our thoughts, prayers, and support to her parents, Homer and Helen, at this troublesome time. I think it is also necessary to praise them for their endurance amid Hailey’s illness and their constant care for her. I know that Hailey was grateful for them, and I also know the Lord will not forget what they did for her. Instead of dwelling upon the sorrow we are all experiencing, I want to remind us of all the positive experiences we had with Hailey while she was with us. For starters, this young lady was eager to learn. She …show more content…

Before she became ill, Hailey enjoyed playing softball, basketball, and even golf sometimes. Now, I am by no means a professional sports player, but whenever I played one of those sports with her, she excelled at it. Again, I cannot emphasize to you all enough how unique this young lady was. Her greatest trait, though, was not her mental or physical ability; it was her attitude. After she became sick with leukemia, I went to visit her as soon as I could, and when I got there, she was glowing with happiness. She told me she was happy I took the time to come see her, and that she was not in any pain. She also told me that everything would be fine because God was in control. Her positivity in that situation continues to challenge me. This little girl had deep insight into what really mattered, and I pray that we may one day have the same outlook she did. Something that may help us with our outlook during this time is what the Bible says about children. The Bible writers typically used children to illustrate humility and love, and in Hailey’s case, I can see why. I would like to share with you two passages of Scripture that I hope will comfort us as much as

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