Jeannette's Farewell To Her Parents Quotes

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Jeannette’s life was hell from the time she was born until she grew up and started realizing what she wanted to do and that was to be successful. Jeannette gets asked if she owes her success as a child or did she become a women because of her childhood. Jeannette became the women she is because of her childhood no in spite it these are the reasons why? Her Education from her parents are not school, the freedom they had, and hardship. Her education I think changed a lot she went to school , But she knew sooner or later they would move again, without her dad she wouldn’t be able to know as much information as she did going to school but she learned a lot from her mom and dad. Quote: “He told us about the magic qualities every number has and how …show more content…

Quote : “ Lori, Brain and I , and even , Maureen could go pretty much anywhere and do just about anything we want “ (pg.59) Jeannette’s mother and father let her cook herself hot dogs on the stove . Quote: “Good for you, “mom said when she saw me cooking “you’ve got to get in the saddle. (pg.15) last thing Jeannette success is her hardship , Hardship tough times Jeanette and her family had a very rough time in their life , They didn’t have much money for Christmas or birthdays presents but her parents always did something to make it up the kids will find any way to get money for food but not in an unsafe way . Quote:” when we wanted money we walked along the roadside picking up beer cans and bottles that we redeemed for two cents each. They all went through a tough time but they all will grow up with a lot of goals they want to make and make their self’s happy again!! Jeannette and her family have been through a lot everyone is okay Jeannette didn’t have a great life she had problems with Education, Hardship and Freedom but she came out a wonderful

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