The Story Of Tom Brennan Analysis

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The significance of the experience of transition lies in individuals gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and others. JC Burke’s prose fiction text, ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’, focuses on the transition of the Brennan family, and Tom in particular, from feelings of guilt, anger, depression and despair to acceptance, reconciliation and optimism, in the aftermath of Daniel’s car accident that caused the deaths of two innocent teenagers and the quadriplegia of his cousin, Finn. The other related text, ‘Up’, a fantasy animated film, written by Bob Peterson, reveals Carl’s transition from denying the death of his wife and regretting not fulfilling their dream of moving to Paradise Falls to unexpectedly making new friends who help him accept the passing of his wife. Both texts and my visual representation reflect the protagonists’ deeper understanding of themselves and others as a result of the transition.

‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ (2005) is about the aftermath of a car accident caused by Daniel Brennan, affecting his family and the town of Mumbilli. The novel is aimed at young people because they cause more car crashes from drink driving than other age groups. The composer, J.C Bourke, uses the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) by Kubler Ross to show the family’s transition into their new life. Through the transitions of Tom, Kylie and Tess they have developed a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Each transition
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