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The Sun Also Rises Journey The Sun Also Rises includes a period of time in which its people are considered “the lost generation.” These people are left in an almost wandering state after a devastating world war. A meaning of life is often searched for by these people in a period of blandness and depression. Jake Barnes, the main character, embodies a similar life to Ernest Hemingway, in which he longs for a journey post-war, he fights mental and physical battles, trying to search for a meaning in his life. Jake Barnes is a wandering soul looking for a purpose. After aiding in the war, he becomes a writer and almost sinks into a rut in which he and his friends repeatedly drink and lounge around in an attempt to exit their plain and emotionless …show more content…

It happens all too much that even the slightest dispute involves the an attempted solution through alcohol. Even in scenarios where there is just conversation, alcohol appears, one situation like this emerges when Brett says “This is a hell of dull talk...How about some of that champagne” (Hemingway 65). The necessity of alcohol in any, and almost every, situation is almost to the point where the viewer could consider the members of the group alcoholics. They almost survive off of the liquid. There is a creeping sense of depression throughout the whole story as well, tying along with the theme of a “lost generation.” Jake looks at the people on the earth as if they haven’t lived their life fully, he says “Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except bull-fighters” (Hemingway 18). His level of pessimism is very high, as he expands upon the idea that his generation is lost, but he admires bull-fighters to the point where he thinks they're the only ones who live a full life. He thinks this because they live on the edge and look death in the eye, tempting it. These people face less mental battles, and more physical ones, somewhat like some of the ones Barnes and his friends

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