The Supreme Court's Secret Power Summary

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The United States Supreme Court is not transparent to the citizens in this country and they fail to publicly reveal reasoning’s to their decisions that they have made. The courts non-transparency make people wonder and uncomfortable for congress has to openly show how they voted one bills Jeffrey L. Fisher razes this type of questions in his article “The Supreme Court’s Secret Power” in The New York Times he raises concern for the Supreme Court and the justice; claiming that they have become too powerful and the people of this country deserve to see how each justice vote due we entrusted them I the position and we deserve to know if they are in good favor. The Supreme Court has to vote on their cases but there is no way for the public to know why they take the case there is a veil over the court. It has been suggested to the court to post a tally of what cases the court is selects the cases that the have chosen as well as the people should know what type of cases the justices have selected for reave. It has come to some individual attention that the people of the United State do not know what the courts have dissuaded on the cases the select, some justices may only vote to take cases that correlate with their agenda; cases that involve corporate Americas issues. This could lead to the people of this county, as well as others in …show more content…

Who voted on what is a question that is believed by some should be asked more often than not and the easiest way to resolve that issue is to post the court rulings. “Least four justices have required the court to do this fall in a case involving the University of Texas? Or would the court’s time have been better spent interjecting itself into the debate in Silicon Valley (and elsewhere) concerning the extent of copyright protection for computer software, as the court declined to do on the same day it granted review in the case from

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