The Theme Of Racism In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In the novel of mice and men by John Steinbeck he was able to captured the voice of the American people during the depression era. He showed that people were racist people during that time. Like on page 19 well when the bus will get mad he will look for Crooks and bypass everybody else just to yell at him because he was the only black person. Another example of how he shows that there is still racism in that era Candy"even though he's not racist to crooks he still calls him the N-word even though their friends“. Which shows that even though that there was some acceptance of black people why people will still call the network even know it was the right thing to with that evidence being shown shows that John Steinbeck wasn't a racist. He was just being truthful in his writing and showing how people spoke back then. John Steinbeck also…show more content…
A prime example of this is when Lennie he asks crooks "why why he couldn't come inside with them and play cards.crooks explain that he could play horseshoes with them outside but he can't go inside and play cards with him because they thought that he stinks.
Another way he he showed how the racial tension was Curley's wife came into the board and started to threaten crooks.Another thing was that there is the possibility that John Steinbeck was also trying to show the world that the voice of African American did not matter during the great depression, and that they were being treated really poorly. This incredible story that he wrote shows both things, first of all it shows how poorly African American’s were treated as the owner of the barn took out his anger on the only colored worker that he had working for him. He would harm the poor men physically and emotionally. In the book
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