The Themes Of Love And Love In 'Flash Dance'

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‘Flash Dance’(1983) dir. Adrian Lynn follows the story of Alex Owens, a young 18 year old welder who dreams of one day being able to join an elite group of ballet dancers. In comparison to, ‘West Side Story’ the narrative of ‘Flash Dance’ is one that concentrates on the women and how they control their bodies, the plot focuses on the passion and lustfulness in a relationship compared to previously mentioned filmed which concentrates on the love aspect of romance. ‘Flash Dance’ challenges the patriarchal system that Alex, as a woman, finds herself in. While the film has stereotypical hetero-normative characters such as Richie and Jeanie and a love interest that plays on class dynamics and social stratification the romantic side of this story is not the focus, the music and routines are devices used to portray Alex as a symbol of working women’s independence. The film is about one thing, passion, Alex’s raw passion to dance, as she states, “I am the music”, the film in essence is a romance, but not the typical hetero-normative romantic spectators are used to. The romance that the film explores is Alex’s love affair with dance. Alex, noticeable a shortened masculine version of the name Alexandra, must first gain notoriety and attention through earning a living through more traditionally male run environments i.e. working as a Welder. During the day Alex portrays dominant male attributes, her presence and her fashion sense (jumpsuits were widely viewed as Unisex apparel

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