The Thing In The Forest Analysis

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In A.S Byatt’s “The Thing in the Forest”, the author uses the elements of a short story to craft a dark, mature fairytale. The title of the story, “The Thing in the Forest”, in the sense that it foreshadows the main idea of the story. The audience expects more than just a "thing", as listed in the title. Byatt emphasizes through figurative language that the main characters, Penny and Primrose, are dealing with more than just a creature in the forest that affected them for the rest of their lives, and that with this use of symbols to express a larger meaning to objects in the story. A.S Byatt emphasizes more on plot and setting, characters, theme and symbols. The setting of the story is essential in terms of context. The story begins in the early 1940s during the blitz of World War II, when British cities where bombed by German war planes. The story first starts in urban Great Britain where two little girls were evacuating from the city. Then they find themselves at a large mansion in the country. they decide to go into the woods a bit with a younger girl tagging along after them. It is in the woods that they encounter what can only be described as a living horror dragging itself through the greenery, leaving a path of destruction and decay in its wake “When it had gone, Penny and Primrose, kneeling on the moss and dead leaves….then they stood up still silent, and stared together, hand in hand, at the trail of obliteration and destruction, which wound out of the

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