Summary Of The Things They Carried 'By Tim O' Brien

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In The story “The Things They Carried “ By Tim O 'brien , who as author also plays the main character in the story. O 'brien introduces the circumstances that were faced in the vietnam war, but more intentionally by also introducing the men who served alongside with him. The story gives us clear picture and different opinionative perspectives about ,how war was like for them and the other individuals who served alongside with him. Sharing personal information, some explicit , and intense memories of the war. O 'brien helps to gives us a better understanding how war is really like from a personal point of view. Every individual has their side of a story to their war experience: O’brien’s experience isn 't like others. O 'brien implies that …show more content…

Other veterans like Frank snyder, a 46-year old vietnam veteran who suffers post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) , found himself facing the world alone ,after his return from his service. He had felt he had no one to speak to , no one who could listen to what he had to say. Drowning in heavy thinking , thoughts , and memories. His only way to escape his pain and remorse he felt , was by heavy drinking and taking huge amounts of medication. Frank stated he attempted numerous suicide attempts. His reasoning to his attempts wasn’t just the war ,but also a divorce which deeply impacted him and a family which was once loving and peaceful; now torn apart by alcohol. Overall the wr had changed him, a man who was a perfectly normal productive member of society, now suffering side effects from the war. Another individual John F. Ferguson , Vietnam veteran who served from 1967- 1971 in the 15th counter intelligence team. Ferguson one of many vietnam veterans describes his war experience to have been physically exhausting and terrifying business.Ferguson states that the vietnam war was a horrible involvement . to others who share the same idea .Now suffering psychological and psychological residual from their war experience. Somethings weren 't exactly the best things to have experienced, but they are life events

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