The Tragic Hero In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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When someone is respected for their courage or noble achievements they are called what some people label as a hero. These sort of figures give humanity inspiration and set an example for others to follow. There are many different types of people or figures that people look up to. Celebrities, family, teachers, friends or maybe even fictional characters are just a few variations of the possible types. A few inspirational people that our population are familiar with include the common names of superheroes like Batman or Superman. Both emulate a sort of supernatural characteristic to themselves. Heroes can really be anything, fiction or nonfiction. In the end the idea of a hero is a great concept. In most cases these characters make the world …show more content…

The main character, Gilgamesh, wants to display his supernatural qualities and physical endurance. He does this by performing courageous acts that people admire. In many ways he acts out of the ordinary in situations in which most of society would not approach or act upon. To introduce the character Gilgamesh, he can be described as a rather large male with an attractive appearance, also two- thirds god and one-third man. Gilgamesh is also the king of a place named Uruk. Throughout the Epic, he stumbles upon Enkidu who is someone that appears to be greater than himself. Shortly after this happens, they become friends and decide to set out to kill a monster named Humbaba. The two of them begin the adventure and successfully kill the creature. Soon after the gods decide to kill Enkidu. After the death, Gilgamesh decides he wants to acquire the knowledge of how to become immortal. In comparison to the World Trade Center Memorial, the immortality can be compared to the memorial. The memory of what happened that day on September will always be with us, not only because it was a tragedy but because there is something in the place of the previous site to hold honor. This idea of having immortality in real life most likely will not happen, at least how Gilgamesh

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