The Transformation Of Reverend Hale In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Hale’s changes throughout The Crucible
During the late sixteen hundreds in Salem, Massachusetts. People believed that there was witchcraft in their town. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Betty becoming sick, starts the long journey of finding witches. Reverend Hale who is invited by Reverend Parris to help find the witches, although he is responsible for people being accused, once he realizes the truth, he makes a dramatic shift in his dependence on the law and tries to help those accused people. In the beginning of the play. After “dancing” in the forest, Betty is sick on the bed and can’t move. Reverend Hale is invited by Reverend Parris to find whether it is witchcraft or not. Hale tries to find witches in the town. He looks for clues in that night “dancing”. However everyone who danced tries to save themselves, so they blame each other, causing things to get worse. Mr. Hale wants to find the truth, and not those different versions of the story. He bring heavy books to help him to find answers. Hale says “they [the books] must be [heavy] , they are weighted with authority”(p.36, act 1). It shows Hale’s mindset, he believes everything wrote in the book is absolutely right. Also he is strict of law. For example of his defense of the law is, “Man remember until an hour before the Devil fell, God …show more content…

he is searching for accused women to warn them that their names have been mentioned in the court. When, Hale is standing at the Proctor’s home. Elizabeth made John Proctor tell him the truth and Hale repeats, “Abigail Williams told you it had naught to do with witchcraft” (p.68, act 2). He is no longer believing that Abigail and her crew were right. He finally opens his mind to the new possibility, when Danforth says to Mary, “You will confess yourself or you will hang” (p.117, act 3). Hale realize that those who confessed did it for the sake of not being hung. Then Hale stands up for the innocence of the

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