The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment Affects The African American Culture

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Psychological Research can range from being simple to very complex. Psychological research deals with the research that psychologist have conducted to analyze the behavior of individuals. When conducting these researches there are special guidelines which need to be taken. If the researcher fails to meet these guidelines the research may be classified as unethical.

The researcher should inform consent. It is not enough for researchers to get a "yes” or "no” from their participants; the participants need to know exactly what they are agreeing to. Before beginning research, the researcher must make sure they outline what exactly the research is about, and ask their consent before the research begins. Individuals who are 18 …show more content…

When conducting this evidence, a lot of precautions needed to be taken but in this particular case they were not taken. The participants in this study were told they were receiving treatment for their bad blood. This was used as a form of deception.They were told they were being observed for the effects untreated syphilis on their bodies in the second stages. The reality is none of the individuals received penicillin which was used as one of the effective treatments for syphilis disease. Forty years prior to the experiment, the story became nationwide. Although deception is often used throughout many experiments, the researchers are obligated to let the participants know. The researcher failed to follow the ethnical guideline in debriefing. In the second phase of the experiment 200 men, the controlled group, were added to the study. The researcher also failed to inform these men on the basis of the study. They were told they were receiving treatment from government doctors free of charge. When they scheduled their appointments with the government's doctors, they were under the impression they were receiving penicillin. They later found out they were receiving aspirin or other forms of generic treatment. The participants began to die due to the lack of effective …show more content…

They set out to create an experiment where they would become prisoners or prison guards. Zimbardo was interested in investigating further variables which explained human behavior. Researchers wanted to see how participants would survive in the prison environment. In one interview Zimbardo asked the question, if put in a bad place would an individual's goodness triumph? The researchers set up a mock prison where 24 undergraduate students would play the roles of prisoners and prison guards. This took place in the basement of Standford University psychology building. Guidelines were taking in making sure none of the 24 students would cause any harm to one another. They passed criminal background inspections, had no traces of psychological issues, and had no mental health or medical conditions. The participants were asked to consent to a one to two week period for $15 a day. Each cell held three prisoners and held three cots. Other rooms were designated for the guards and the wardens. Two tiny spaces were also left for the confinement room and prison yard. The participants were then randomly assigned to be prisoners or guards. The prisoners were asked to stay in the cell 24 hours a day and the guards were asked to work eight hour shifts. After each shift, only the guards could return home. The experiment was said to last for 14 days but only lasted six after

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