The Great Gatsby

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In society people interpret novels, television and movies, etc. by using symbols which are items that reveal deeper meaning and hidden messages that allow comprehension in the story. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby symbolism plays a main role in the understanding of the storyline which brings on a puzzling plot along with it. The symbolism is used to help the interpretation of each character and why certain items and scenarios are significant to the novel. Particularly, in The Great Gatsby, the green light depicts Gatsby's hopes and dreams for the future, the valley of ashes portrays moral and social decay, and the character of Owl Eyes demonstrates that things aren’t as they always seem or seen by others. Gatsby's intentions…show more content…
Owl eyes are introduced when Nick meets him during Gatsby's party in the library when he is described as being able to see the real Gatsby, “It was the man with owl-eyed glasses whom I had found marvelling over Gatsby’s books in the library one night three months before. I don’t know how he knew about the funeral, or even his name. The rain poured down his thick glasses, and he took them off and wiped them to see the protecting canvas unrolled from Gatsby’s grave.”(Fitzgerald 174). Nick’s first impression and confused thoughts as to why he was at Gatsby's funeral are clearly present. Owl eyes sees the good and moral value that is within Gatsby and that the rest of society does not have. Owl eyes went to show his sympathy and deepest gratitude to Gatsby’s career. Because of his clear understanding and observations of Gatsby that no one else can see, the symbolic owl represents his intelligence and wisdom. All throughout Gatsby's parties and his wealth he was always taken advantage of and no one that went to his parties seemed to have the time of day to pay their respects besides owl eyes. Owl eyes had no problem seeing the good and positive aspects of Gatsby, “He took off his glasses and wiped them again, outside and in.”(Fitzgerald 175). Although owl eyes is just wiping his eyes, the relevant part his that he is clearing his eyes away which resembles his clear vision to see right to Gatsby’s

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