The Value Of Life In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Roadblocks in life are inevitable and fighting through them shows the determination of the individual. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald displays a portrait of success and a glamorous lifestyle in the 20s but does not directly show the smog and realities that float above New York. Through Nick Carroway's life, Fitzgerald shows the true reality of life in New York, which does not directly match up to people's positive personas of the east coast. Fitzgerald denies the American dream through sad realities and shattered dreams. Fitzgerald brings Nick Carroway through a roller coaster of life's unfortunate ups and downs. The situations that Nick finds himself in never seem to surprise him, despite his life being “simultaneously …show more content…

In the first moments of the novel, Nick notices gatsby standing out by his deck. Gatsby “stretched out his arms toward the dark water” seeming to try and reach out towards a goal or a dream that was just out of reach. Gatsby was trying to grab the green light on the other side of the river, and this light belonged to Daisy Buchannan, a girl that Gatsby has been in love with forever. Gatsby has lived his lavish life full of parties and big-time money, in an attempt to obtain Daisy’s attention. Unfortunately, Gatsby has a very hard time achieving this dream, and his “orgastic future year by year recedes” before him, seeming to go away and drift out of his vision. Despite the long-term determination and drastic changes, Gatsby makes in his life to get Daisy, he always finds himself at a halt. Through his motivation and all-around determination, Gatsby pushes for his dream of being a millionaire and buying extravagant things, despite his poor background. Gatsby does not feel fulfilled, and although he is good at disregarding all of his achievements, he fails miserably to come to terms with his lack of ability to win over Daisy. Gatsby still pushes through roadblocks, but “He did not know that {his goal of being with Daisy} was already behind him” and would never work out. Gatsby never fulfilled his one goal in life, not due to lack of trying, but rather being killed, in his own pool, at the hands of

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