The Victim Of Juliet In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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After reading and analyzing the play, Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare, it became clear that Juliet is a victim, not only to a fatal love but from other people in purposeful and hateful way. Capulet thinking that Juliet will do anything for him, even ecstatic to do whatever he says. Capulet and Lady Capulet both would easily throw Juliet out if their house and spout hateful insults at her is she doesn’t do what they say, when they say. Though another person would say that she is not a victim, that she did has a choice in . To this, Capulet without a thought would go back on his words to Juliet. He has stated that he would give her a choice in marriage in the end he didn’t. He went back on his word and yelled at Juliet for not doing what he told her. …show more content…

With expectation to bend and ignore her will for her father and mother. One being at the party when her mother ask to look as paris. With her mother albeit passive aggressively telling Juliet to marry Paris and that she will lose nothing if she does and ignoring Juliet’s feeling all together. Making Juliet a victim of child neglect, as even the nurse agrees with this statement. Her only true parental figure when he is growing up. Her father is also guilty as well saying “Of my child's love: I think she will be ruled. In all respects by me; nay, more, I doubt it not.” Saying that he expects her, to easily bend her will too marry Paris and give up on her resolve of having a choice, that unknown to him she has already taken for granted. Capulet expects everything to go his way to horrible extents and if it doesn’t, is anger explodes in a violent and morally damaging way affecting

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