The Wife In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

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In Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales there are many different types of personalities, all of the personalities symbolize something different in all. That story it self explains what a knight in the 14th century was supposed to look like and what they were supposed to symbolize. One of the most intricate Prologues in The Canterbury Tales is The Wife of Bath, for the reason being that the Wife seems as a prostitute. She admits to not only having five husbands, but to the fact she married them all for their money. Being that the Wife has 5 husbands she must really know what a woman has to do to get a man. But as you read farther into the Prologue it seems as if she gets beaten down more and more, and starts to loose sight on what she was really marrying all these men for. If the Wife has everything together…show more content…
She explains her theories, as well as tells us that the thing women most desire is control, complete control. In the Prologue she tells how she got the upper hand with each of her husbands. The wife had a lot of knowledge about the Bible, in her favor of course, but she would be able to defend herself in the sense saying sex and having five husbands not necessarily considered a sin. By the end of the prologue, the Wife does admit that the sexual organs that God gave are for pleasure and procreation.
In Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales the Wife explains to us about what women want, they have the need to feel in control. Women also need to feel the power of money. Although to me it is, I feel being faithful is that of a strong hold. If you truly care about someone, and you care enough to fall in love and share vows, promising love to one another, that should be your only one. She admits to finding joy in sex and control and is not ashamed of admitting any of it. So we go back to the question of what do women want? I don’t think anyone will really truly understand what a woman
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