The Worrior In 'The Epic Of Gilgamesh'

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Gilgamesh was a worrior through and through. It shows from the begining of his tale and throgh out. Not only is he a combatant but also a comes off very heroic. " Of him Gilgamesh, who underwent hardship. Surpassing all kings, for his sature renowed, Heroic offspring of Uruk, a charging wild bull, He leads the way in the vanguard, He marches at the rear, defender of hi comrades." (Pg.59 "30"). Not only does this show heroism but moreover a sense of arogants. He is considered a powerful king, but his people not only fear him however they fin him to be a overbearing and brutle king, to the point they seek of help of the gods. "Let them summon Aruru, the great one, she created the boundless human race. Let her create a partner for Gilgamesh,

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