The Yellow Wallpaper By Colleen Hoover And Charlotte Perkins Stetson

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Nothing is ever enough; there is always a need for constant change and improvement within humans. One victory is simply a checkpoint but not the finish line. It is evident that throughout history women have been constantly fighting for equality. In time the cause has changed, but the fight is still there. Whether the fight is in protest, propaganda, or literature. The authors take a unique approach to the fight. Authors such as news writers will write the facts, however, Colleen Hoover and Charlotte Stetson have disguised their emotions within their stories. Characters created in literature are normally seen to be carrying out the plot/story that the author has in mind. Hoover and Stetson took the approach of feminism differently, as they are …show more content…

These messages are meant for the readers, and implanted by the authors in their style of writing.
How does one gather the attention of millions to gather awareness over a certain subject that has not yet been properly introduced? They write. At least that is the case for Charlotte Perkins Stetson with her short story "The Yellow Wallpaper." Stetson was able to "highlight her intent [with] the use of the story to reform women's mental health treatment" (Roethle 147). Stetson, who had suffered through postpartum depression before the release of her short story, wrote to raise awareness for women suffering from mental illness during her time. Women were pushed to the side, often diagnosed as nervous since the physicians during that time were all men. The main character in "The yellow wallpaper" is often pushed aside as her husband is her physician. Her husband John "laughs at [her]" and she feels as if there is nothing else but to accept his laughter because what more can she "expect in marriage" (Stetson 647). Her husband John has diagnosed her with nervousness and recommends that she stay calm …show more content…

At least it is true for victims of domestic violence. "It Ends with Us" by Hoover became famous overnight thanks to the social media platform TikTok. Although the book was meant to follow the life of Lily Bloom -- the main character-- it can be interpreted that the book was meant to spread awareness about domestic violence in the lives of women. Hoover was able to openly introduce the topic of domestic violence within her book as it “is only possible nowadays due to the expansion and progress of feminism” (Xavier 241). Hoover implanted a dual perspective within the life of Lily Bloom, she at first introduced to the leading male in the book that she will eventually fall in love. Once she arrived at her apartment she found her old journal, a journal that she wrote when she was a teenager, and directed to Ellen Degeneres who she would watch for comfort. Hoover implants pages from her journal within the book. That is when the reader is to find out that Lily was a first-hand witness to the domestic violence that her mother experienced from her father. One night Lily heard a loud bang inside the garage once she went to investigate what the noise was she " just saw [her] dad behind the car doing something. [she] took a step closer and realized why [she] couldn't see [her] mom. He had pushed her down on the hood with his hands around her throat" (Hoover 110). Lily had judged her mother for staying with her father considering the amount of abuse he has done.

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