Their Eyes Are Watching God Character Analysis

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he ambition of Joe Starks In Their Eyes Are Watching God Ambition is a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. Ambition often leads to great rewards but often times too much ambition can lead to misfortune. The Character of Joe Starks in Their Eyes Are Watching God has a very prominent amount of Ambition. Stark’s bullied and manipulated people in order to satisfy his own Ambitions. Through the use of indirect characterization, Zora Neely Hurston exhibits how Joe Stark’s ambition destroyed the relationships he had with other people in Their Eyes Are Watching God. Hurston uses both direct and indirect characterization to develop the Joe Starks’ character. “He whistled, mopped his face and walked like he knew where he was going (Hurston Chapter 4).” This dialogue, which is a form of indirect characterization, shows the confidence and drive Starks possessed. Readers can infer, that starks is a motivated individual who “gets things done”. The Hurston provided with a mission to become the mayor of the first all-black town of Eatonville, Florida. By expressing Joe’s desire for the mayor's position, the author shows how ambitious …show more content…

Despite having drastically different personalities, each of her three Marriages ended in failure or tragedy due to the pride of the three men. Hurston’s characterization of Janie’s three husbands represents three different types of men: Logan- The work-horse, and Teacake - The Free spirit and Joe. Joe Starks is clearly the most ambitious of these three men. however, Joe is also the cruelest and most despicable of the three husbands. The author uses Joe’s ambition to Justify his actions and in doing so shows the consequences of them such as His relationship wife deteriorating, the townspeople resenting him, and his public shaming, and cursing of his wife on his

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