Their Eyes Were Watching God Marriage Analysis

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In Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston, Janie Crawford-KIllicks-Starks-Woods experiences three very different marriages. First, she is forced to marry Logan Killicks, a man she does not have any feelings for. After a little more than a year, she leaves Logan and marries Jody Starks. The marriage with Jody starts out well, but it ends up bad. After Jody dies, Janie spends nine months basking in her newfound freedom. After her experience with freedom, she finds a new man. Tea Cake is a man with a job and a small apartment, but Janie feels a love for him like she has never before experienced. All three marriages sculpt Janie’s horizon and help her to reach it.
After Janie’s grandmother sees Janie kissing a local boy named Johnny Taylor, she makes it her duty to find a husband who can provide protection for Janie. She forces Janie to marry Logan Killicks. Logan is a great husband in Nanny’s eyes. He has sixty acres of land and a mule. Nanny believes he can provide for Janie. When Janie objects to marrying Logan, Nanny responds, “‘Tain’t Logan Killicks Ah wants you to have, baby, it’s protection’” (15). She admits that she is getting old and may not be there for Janie one day. Logan seems like the perfect man to do that. Janie does not want protection, but love. She does not really know what love is or where it comes from. So, she takes a very innocent view on it. Janie believes, “She would love Logan after they were married” (21). After marrying Logan, Janie does
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