Theme Of Abuse In Indian Horse, By Richard Wagamese

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The novels To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, and Indian Horse, by Richard Wagamese, both have a similar focus around 3 themes. The reader is enlightened on the concerns of abuse, 2ND POINT and racism. A different perspective of these themes is given in the two books and together they create a bigger picture that allows for a better understanding. Harper Lee gives a detached distant view while Richard Wagamese gives a very personal approach. Abuse was perhaps the issue that both novels centered around. In To Kill A Mockingbird, the character Mayella Ewell is the subject of abuse, although we never see the abuse from her point of view we can use the information that was revealed in Tom Robinson’s trial to come to the conclusion that she was physically, mentally and perhaps sexually abused, as well as suffering from severe neglect. …show more content…

In what way?’ ‘Well-’ ‘Just describe her injuries Heck’ ‘Well, she was beaten around the head. There was already bruises comin’ on her arms, and it happened about 30 minutes before-” (Lee, 224). Mayella had most likely been suffering from years of abuse, and like most victims she was scared and ashamed. However, in contrast to Indian Horse where abuse is rampant and obvious, To Kill A Mockingbird was the opposite. St. Jerome’s, also called “hell on earth”, is home to mental, physical, and sexual abuse, along with neglect and suicide. There are multiple examples of each topic. Sheila Jack. Shane Big Canoe. Katherine Wolfe. Saul Indian Horse. Arden Little Light. Rebecca

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