Theme Of Authority In The Crucible

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Authority is the most important theme because throughout the play the judge is the chosen one as they believed because the way they think is that god chooses the right one, Judge Danforth is the protector of Salem he is the one that sentences and executes men,women, and kids. The way they do it in salem is corroborative because the judge is relied on what the victims says and they don’t always tell the truth so it’s bad on the behalf of the suspect even if they haven’t did anything. As far as authority goes in Salem it all really depends on the main man the judge to condemn one’s life good or bad, the people of Salem is kinda like today’s people because people like to change the words of some things depending on the person they are talking …show more content…

If someone would get in trouble at school they would try to switch the words up on the other victims to turn them into a suspect to get the attention off of them. “It were pretense, sir.”(Pg.1294-L.18) Mary Warren was telling the truth after she lied to the judge about seeing spirits. Warren lied because she wanted to put the attention on herself and say that someone was sending spirits against her to get check off the list as a witch. Which she was just corroborating because Abby had people to back her up, and she had no proof that she was even getting attacked by the demons that were sent. Mary Warren was lying about the demons to say she wasn’t bewitched, so to conclude that she wasn’t bewitched she said that she saw the demons coming for her.

The authority back in the Puritans age is different then it is now because they were dependent on the Judge. We the people now are not independent judiciary because we have jury in favor to vote and all have reason on what they decide. The judge doesn’t convict someone if they don’t have explaination from the victim as they do nowadays but at the same time if the judge has no prove of this accusation then he really can claim someone guilty if there is no evidence. But at the same time they can go off of word because you’re not supposed to lie under oath, if you are a religious

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