Theme Of Greed In The Pardoner's Tale

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“There are three gates to self-destructive hell: lust, anger, and greed” was a quote of an Indian text called the Bhagavad Gita. Chaucer’s stories “the wife of bath” and “pardoner 's tale” in Canterbury Tales are good examples of the Indian text written in two different stories. In both of the tales Chaucer describes greed into very distinct ways, one involves a greed for lust the other involves a greed for money. In Chaucer 's the pardoner 's tale you can easily tell the type of greed that is in the story ,which is the greed for money. This is also one of the most ironic tale since the pardoner is the most greediest person amongst the group. The Pardoners tale begins in lines (81 to 85) where three very good friends were drinking at a tavern. Then they left the tavern and while they were walking come across a old man. The man was quite interesting, he lead the trio of friends to a bunch of gold. I personal think that the old man is Death considering that he said if they would find Death under the tree. At first the friends were all going to split the gold but as time went on greed changed them. Once the money was introduced in the story the friends turned on each other. Chaucer was really good about explaining his ideals about lust in “The wife of Bath’s Tale”. The main character was The Knight, one day he saw a beautiful lady I couldn’t resist temptation in lust and raped her in lines (30- 38). His consequence to his bad action was a death penalty by the queen,

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