Theme Of Pride In The Pardoner's Tale

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Of all intelligence and intuition attributed to man, it is not enough to overcome the characteristics that will lead to the downfall of our own kind. Such characteristics take root in man and protrude out of him no matter how hard he tries to deny their presence. Man himself is aware of these characteristics and they play a part on all forms of entertainment, and fuel almost all actions made by man. In “The Pardoner’s Tale” written by Chaucer, the theme of pride and greed leading to demise is prominent. The first deadly sin implemented into the story is pride. Three rioters become aware of their friend being taken by death. The men claim that they will “slay this traitor Death” (371). Although Chaucer knows death not to be man, he personifies it in this tale into the form of a man. This quote demonstrates the deadly sin of pride because the foolish rioters think they can avenge their friend against an unknown enemy. This sin is used in order to show how pride in one's own self may lead to unwanted repercussions. Because this tale was written in this time period, boasts and pridefulness were common. The use of pride develops the characters from being a band of brothers to becoming each other's murderer. …show more content…

While one rioter goes to town for food and drink, the other two stay behind. Of the remaining two, one tells the other that the gold should “be parted by only us two” (486). This sin is used in order to solidify the theme of pride and greed leading to demise in this tale. Not only were the two men plotting against the rioter who went to town, but the lone rioter was planning the same. During this time period, greed was common; anything was done in order to better one’s own self. By utilizing greed, Chaucer illustrates the development of the rioters from brothers to the two men turning on the other and vise

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