Examples Of Imagery In The Great Gatsby

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The Roaring Twenties was a period of rowdiness and economic prosperity. The Great Gatsby proved this point in different events, including stupendous and extravagant parties. Located in West Egg, a home made of millions of dollars belonged to Jay Gatsby. He was one to experience all types of emotions during his short lifetime. The most pleasing feeling he had felt for the first time in five years led him into the worst case scenario, his own death. Each situation has its own representation, adding more depth to the story, allowing readers to dig deeper into their minds. F. Scott Fitzgerald depicts the theme of wealth breathes carelessness using the literary devices and techniques of symbolism, diction, and imagery to create meaning in his classic…show more content…
The parties that Gatsby had put on excessive parties every weekend with food, decorations, music, dancing and more. He could care less about them or his guests, all he cared about was himself getting the woman of his dreams with the amount of money he states to have. Color is a factor of imagery, such as “yellow cocktail music,” “turkey that bewitched to gold” (Fitzgerald 5), or Gatsby’s bright yellow car. Color allows us to picture the scenes in our own imaginations before seeing it in the big screen. Fitzgerald did a phenomenal job with, considering there were absolutely no pictures in the book, by simply putting them into meaningful words. These parties were a euphoric sense of freedom. Although, it was freedom felt by the guests, but not so much by Gatsby himself. He didn’t seem to have a care in the world about how much money he had spent, as long as he had Daisy, which was a selfish thing to do. At his own parties, he rarely walked around to communicate with his own guests. He stood, and waited. In a way, Gatsby trapped himself in a thought that he would obtain Daisy Buchanan back, going back to the old days of their relationship. Parties were not enough to acquire that goal. The Even though it caught her attention, it was not enough to turn time around and relive the past. Using wealth may allow you to have freedom and be careless, but it cannot buy
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