Theme Of Lottery In Julius Caesar

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Flattery in Julius Caesar
In Julius Caesar, many themes arise in the book, but one theme that seems consistent is the theme of flattery. Many scenes in Julius Caesar have many accounts of flattery shared between characters. Three scenes however, show of flattery very well and these three scenes will be the examples of flattery in the story. These scenes show that flattery is an important theme in the story of Julius Caesar. Flattery is an important theme in Julius Caesar.

The first scene that shows flattery is the scene where Calpurnia is trying to persuade her husband, Julius Caesar to not go out to the capital because she had an omen of Caesar’s death through a dream. She almost succeeds if it was not for the arrival of Decius Brutus. Desius shows the first act of flattery by saying “I will have when you hear the rest of what I have to say. The senate has decided to give mighty Caesar a crown today. If you send them word that you won’t come, they might change their minds. Besides, someone’s likely to joke, “Adjourn the senate until some other time, when Caesar’s wife has had better dreams.” If you hide yourself, won’t they whisper, “Caesar is afraid?” Pardon me, Caesar. My high hopes for your advancement force me to tell you this. My love gets the better of my manners.”. (No Fear Shakespeare act 2 scene 2). Decius is using flattery to get Caesar to blind himself with his pride and bait him to go to the capitol, so the conspirators can enact their plan. That is what and

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