Theme Of Masculinity In Things Fall Apart

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TFA Essay Our lives are centered around our culture and beliefs, we are influenced by our peers about our beliefs to the point where it may cause things to fall apart, with many up and down situations. In Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, we learn about an Ibo culture that believe in male masculinity and dominance, expected from a very young age for boys to be very masculine and rule over women. Anyone who disobeys those priorities are shunned by their own culture and considered weak worthless men. This story is told with many interesting different themes, but in my perspective one theme that captured my attention the most was masculinity, like I had mentioned before. The main character Okonkwo, revolves around showing no emotion and being masculine, his whole life is based upon the belief of male masculinity and hard work. He does not accept any failure or weakness from himself or any of his family members, putting his pride on being a well respected masculine man unlike his father Unoka. …show more content…

He was a caring man down in his heart but “his whole life was dominated by the fear, the fear of failure and of weakness” (Achebe 13), and his mission to become one of the greatest men of his clan. Okonkwo was devoted to masculinity, he put it above anything else preventing anyone from questioning his masculinity. When he felt a slight sign of weakness it reminded him of his fathers failure to being a true man not providing for his family or ruling women and his children, therefore “he was not really a man” (Achebe 53).There were many traits to being a masculine man but to Okonkwo the main one was ruling his wife and children, if any of them had disobeyed him he would beat them without hesitation or regret. Although Okonkwo is influenced by masculinity it is because the Ibo culture believes in men dominating women which leads their society to fall

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