Essay On Gender Roles In Things Fall Apart

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Gender roles in society are defined differently in many manifestations. For example, countries in the Middle East and Africa have male-only judicial branches while educational systems throughout the world are mostly made up of women. But how are these roles determined? It may be the location of a civilization or the traditions and religions that a group of people adhere to. In Igbo society, these roles are defined by both their culture and beliefs. Many aspects of their lives have men as the prominent heads of their households, but women also have some importance in many of the concepts. In the novel Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe presents the idea of how Igbo culture and religion define the roles for each gender and examines how unequal roles in society can lead to conflicts between each gender in order to illustrate how they can lead to permanently damaged relationships.
The main driving forces behind gender role beliefs in Things Fall Apart are a result of the ideologies set by the Ibo people. Their culture dictated men as stronger people who did more work, while women were dictated as individuals who were weak and inferior because they did household activities. The Oracle and the elders of Umuofia exemplified this disparity by …show more content…

A struggle for power between any two or more groups of people in a society can lead to more damage and sever relations between people. Moreover, it can lead to tragic endings, much like the way Okonkwo’s relationship with Nwoye was lost forever. The concept of men being superior and women being inferior and weak is seen in many cultures, including Igbo society. Because gender roles have both advantages and disadvantages, gender-specific stereotypes are integrated in many different societies, similar to the ones prevalent in

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