Theme Of Rage In Lord Of The Flies

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Next, feeling of rage can be developed because of the anger emotion. As portrayed in the movie ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding, a group of boys scout were stranded on an island. However, after few days stranded there, sources of food became limited. They started to feel worry because it seems that they are going to live on the island forever as there were no sign that they would be saved. In that desperate situation, a boy named Jack suggested all the other boys to go hunt animals for food for survival purpose. However, another boy who was supposed to be their leader, Ralph, rejected his idea and because of that, Jack was so angry and decided to break their law that was agreed by everyone together before. As the anger emotion had controlled Jack, he started to feel rage towards Ralph. This is because Ralph was the leader, so, most of the boys were on Ralph side. He then created his own troops and started hunting for animals. As an experienced boy scout, he managed to kill a boar and his troop celebrated together. As he has developed the feeling of rage, he did not allow any of the boy who was on Ralph side to taste the food. He also started to do bad things to Ralph and his friend by provoking them. If only he did not feel angry at the very first place, he will never develop the feeling of rage and they can survive together without causing harms to one another. Things gone badly when Jack’s troop started to act violently under the control of Jack and even killed one
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