Theme Of Sacrifice In The Kite Runner

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Manya Kapur
Ms. Kanika Dang
English Thesis Paper
9th November 2015
You Before Me

The act of sacrifice can significantly be highlighted in the Islamic religion, where one must resign from the materialistic realm to re-establish the divine connection with Allah. Khaled Hosseini has masterfully crafted The Kite Runner and made numerous references to slaughter of the lamb as a portrayal of one’s love towards God. Hannah Remillard postulates, “Sacrifice is one of the purest and most selfless ways to love someone.” Thus, it becomes clear that love is just an endless cycle of sacrifices we make, be it for our partner, family, friends or even our nation.

Sacrifice can have several definitions but the author believes that in its purest form, sacrifice is surrendering oneself for the sake of someone else. A mother loses sleep to comfort her child, a father skips his meals to earn a livelihood for his family, a friend gives up on his/her dreams and ambitions just so they can see someone they love fulfill theirs, and so on. One cannot simply escape making sacrifices if they truly care. An analogous relationship is witnessed in The Kite Runner.

Hassan’s very first word ‘Amir’ gives the readers a glimpse of Hassan’s loyalty towards the protagonist. Some might say Hassan …show more content…

Sacrifice is circular as it moves from one character to another [Nicole Crosta, 2013]. It is a major emblem of love and affection as well as plays a crucial role in portraying one’s devotion. From the grand sacrifices in Shakespeare’s plays to the little things we give up for the people we utterly love, from dying for a greater cause to merely losing for something important, all are momentous examples of sacrifice. There is no ‘love’ without the will to relinquish and there is no ‘sacrifice’ without passion. Be it love for a person, an object, a position or the quench for power; all come at the hefty price of

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