Theme Of The Turning By Tim Winton

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What themes or issues are explored in Winton’s three stories and how are they relevant to the target audience?

Tim Winton is an Australian novelist who expresses many emotions and themes along the Western Coast of Australia. He has created a plethora of life relating stories that can appeal to many different people and categories of audiences. His novel The Turning is a book that consists of many different short stories, each story is the telling of a different life and a different path but has the same melancholy, life changing mood about them all.

‘The building and breaking of relationships’

A theme that is commonly explored throughout Winton’s texts is the building and breaking of relationships. The target audience may find this a relevant and relatable theme as most, if not everyone has experienced the making of a relationship whether it be as simple as a bond with a parent or family member, a friendship or with a partner of interest as well as, on the other hand, being unfortunate enough to experience one of those possible relationships being broken. All three stories have clear example of relationships as Winton goes through one of the two (building or breaking) with each protagonists of the stories. For …show more content…

Each was unsure as to what they were doing or where they were going. I feel that this it is a theme that Winton used to connect with the audience strongly as most people would have felt this from time to time. Living in the past can be easily identified in each text. In ‘Small Mercies’ Dyson is still wrapped up in his past with Fay, in ‘Damaged Goods’, Vic is still obsessing over and possibly still in love with Strawberry Alison, a girl who went to high school with him and in ‘Big World’ the nameless main character is almost afraid of letting go of Biggie, his best mate, as they had done almost everything together throughout their years at high

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