Theme Of Totalitarianism In The Handmaid's Tale

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The warnings totalitarian gov’t in the novels, the Handmaids tale, and 1984, both authors introduce the audience with the total speculation of the citizens. In which they are forced to live in a dystopian society with a totalitarian based government. To preserve a totalitarian society such as a lead, and Oceania the higher authorities must enforce secret police’s, regulate, harsh punishment, and limit language, thought and sexuality. The society of Oceania in 1984 is ruled by the omnipresent authority figure Big Brother who can be characterized as a totalitarian dictator. His main focus is to keep his citizens in check by making sure they abide and consent to his rulings …show more content…

Every one in that society had a role. Whether it was as high as high as the wives, where they have priority in naming the newborn, to as low as a un-woman, which is what the women of “no value” or the “infertile “were considered as. The gist of keeping the titles of the woman’s role separate is to keep the regulation of the society in fact and untouchable. Big Brother is always ever present to that point he made sure he had back up eyes watching the behavior of the party. Though police are the eye or right hand man of the dictator’s eyes are symbolic in both texts in which they signify complete speciation. The eyes in the Handmaids tale are the frightening, secretive, and violent aim of the enforcement to the law in Gilead offered the protagonist discovers that the eyes are everywhere. From the tour guides badge, (CHAPTER 5), to noticing the eye with 4 numbers tattooed or her ankle, (CHAPTER 12), the tattooed symbol relates back to the eyes because it would mean that wherever she goes or whatever she may do, she’ll be …show more content…

Orwell presents this by the limitation in vocab, (ENGLISH), or Newspeak. Newspeak is a reduced form of coercion. It prevents general thoughts a free thinking “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought”, (PAGE 52), Big Brother forbids the lack of knowledge the citizens might have against the gov’t , therefore, replacing words such as bad to ungood conceals out the negativity. Big Brother uses so the party members won’t perceive him as something bad. The role of sex in Oceania is restricted to the party members and causes a rebellious desire to actually perform the act, (PAGE 56). They have Anti Sex Leagues to prevent people from having sexual encounters. The citizens are only allowed to have sex to result in the procreation. Her legs are apart…… she holds my hands. This is supposed to signify that we are one flesh. (PAGE 93-94

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