Themes Of Farewell To Manzanar

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The book “Farewell To Manzanar” has many different central ideas. During the bombing of pearl harbor there was many Japanese people that lives in the United States. The Bombing affected people that lived in the United States in many different ways. In the book “Farewell To Manzanar” the main central idea is how the bombing of pearl harbor affect families that had to move to Manzanar in many different ways. During the Japanese and American war there were many different Japanese people that lived in the United States. In the book there is a little girl named Jeanne Wakatsuki whos father and mother moved from japan to live in america. The dad worked as a fisherman like it says on page 3 and the mother did all the housework. When pearl harbor got bombed it caused many japanese men to be taken away to question about the bombing. In this case on page 8 it states that papa was taken away by the FBI and arrested for helping the japanese bomb pearl harbor. With many fathers and husbands being taken away it left the womans to take care of their children and themselves. When there husbands were gone there was many threats to the Japanese people. Jeanne’s family and other japanese families were on the move constantly. On page 11 and 12 it states that many japanese families were threatened by …show more content…

There was blocks and dining rooms. It was like a boarding school. There were many different families to a block which was a sleeping area. The Japanese American people were very private and quiet. The living conditions were awful. There was holes in the walls and ceilings, there was dust that would come in, and they had to sleep on hay filled mattresses which you may have two people to a small cot size bed like it says on page 21. On page 20 it says they were also fed little food that wasn’t there culture food that they ate. Manzanar was affecting the Japanese families in a negative way by giving them harsh living

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