Theodore Roosevelt Monopolies

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The Progressive movement was a social and political movement that began in the late 1800s and lasted through the early 1900s. Before the Progressive Era, the Industrial Revolution had occurred, creating many new problems for the average person. Because of industrialization, people had started to leave their rural farmlands and move to the newly industrialized cities in hope of finding jobs. Because of lax regulations on growing businesses, monopolies were created the took advantage of their employees. Theodore Roosevelt was one of the leaders of the Progressive movement, focusing on dismantling these monopolies. The Progressive Era expanded the power of the federal government, through social and political reforms as well as eliminating the problems caused by the Industrial Revolution. During industrialization, businesses began to mass produce cheap products in order to make a profit. Businesses would often take advantage of the poor, …show more content…

Not only was he determined to stand his ground in New York, he carried this determination into his presidency, creating many policies to eliminate corruption in the government and corporations. Because of his determination to create policies that would help the American people, Teddy Roosevelt, create many laws and regulations that restricted companies and expanded the power of the presidency. He exercised the new power of being president by becoming the first president to get involved in a strike. When the workers of a coal mine went on strike for higher wages, the country began to run out of coal, forcing Teddy Roosevelt became the first president to mediate a dispute between striking employees and a company. After Teddy Roosevelt left office, William Taft continued Teddy Roosevelt’s work dismantling and restricting growing corporations until his presidency

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