How Did The Progressive Movement Change From 1870 To 1920s

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The American history has had many memorable moments over the time period from 1870 to 1920 which has helped develop the way America is today. Each time period holds many life changing events and discoveries in them. We, as Americans, learn from past events and work together to make this country a better and safer home. Starting in the 1865 to 1877 the Reconstruction began in the South following after the American Civil War. This alteration in the south was not welcomed by the Southerners, which resulted in many problems throughout this process. Even though Republicans were trying to help by restoring the region; the Southerners felt attacked and controlled during the Reconstruction because many characteristics of society and politics were wanted to be changed by Republicans. The development of the women’s …show more content…

Women were tired of not being able to speak up and wanted a voice in public. The reform was successful in the end despite the challenges faced to obtain their right’s equal to men. Starting from 1865 to 1919 the American history holds a violent period known as the Labor movement. This movement was initiated by strikers because of wage cuts and the depersonalization of workers. Workers wanted an end to inhuman behaviors from employers by rioting and causing a financial depression in the nation. Throughout the strikes the government regained control and the public approved of the governments strong hold. The last historical trend in the US history from 1870 to 1920 was the Progressive Movement. This movement occurred between 1890 – 1920 began as a social movement and developed into a political movement. This era was a major push for changing society in America. Despite the changes made of many ills of society; the movement was a rejection of Social Darwinism, a position that was taken by many wealthy powerful figures. These reforms, as well as reformers, defined history for America in the late 1800’s and helped make U.S. a better country during that time

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