Theoretial Theory In Post-Colonial Theory

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5. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK The concept of hybridity as a concept in post-colonial theory, it’s applied to understand the process of globalization, capitalism and the effect of colonial past influences on the current Nigeria society. The term “Hybridity “means a blend of different culture styles this can generated through international and inter cultural contact. Post-colonial criticism comes from the assumption of unequal power relations by colonial powers and former colonies. Social inequalities were object of post-colonial studies. The arrival of colonial masters ushered a new wave of child Domestic workers, colonial civic servants, traders, missionaries took advantages of surplus labor available and drew themselves many domestic workers on…show more content…
ILO (2005) reported that about 6 million Nigerian children were out of school, denying a child access to education is an infringement on child rights and this has a negative impact on the labor market and society in General. Article 32 of the UN convention on the rights of a child and Article 15 of OAU charter on Rights of the child shares similar opinion on the right of proper Education. The identified hazards linked to child Domestic labor includes Domestic accident such as exposure to toxic substance, contamination of cuts and festering wounds which can lead to death, physical or permanent deformity. The Cognitive problems of Child Domestic workers like not attending schools, dropping out of school and achievement deficits enforces social inequality in the society, Good education and developments is the basic way to productive…show more content…
RECOMMENDATIONS The solution to child Domestic worker requires commitment and cooperation from different sector of the Nigeria society such as government, parents, Guardian, media, employers of child domestic workers. This paper concludes that the following be done in order to enforce the right of a child using the UN convention on the right of a child in 1998 and 1991 in Geneva as a standard, which Nigeria as a nation was also a signatory. - RIGHT TO SURVIVE Articles 9 and 18 argues every child has a right to live with his or her parents, separation should occur only if it’s in the best interest of the child, if separation occurs the child has the right to be in contact with the parents. - RIGHT TO GOOD HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE ARTICLE 24 - RIGHT TO EDUCATION ARTICLE 28 The universal access to free basic education is a right to every child, employers of child Domestic labor must comply with article 28 of the convection.Edcation and self-development must be made available for child Domestic workers. Education of the child Domestic workers increase the awareness of rights and helps them to benefit from work they

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