Thesis On Essperanza Rising

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Esperanza Rising Research Essay

Though many who have read Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan believe that Esperanza and her mother should have stayed in Aguascalientes, Mexico, on the contrary, I believe that they were right to leave for California. If they stayed, they would have had to face several consequences, one being having to live with Esperanza’s uncle, despicable Tio Luis. At the same time, when they went to California, they did not have to leave everything behind, it was a choice they made. After all, as Esperanza herself said in the book, “Do not ever be afraid to start over.” (p. 253)

Esperanza and her mother made the choice to leave Mexico and go to California to work, and escape Tio Luis, which I believe to be a good decision. Before going, Esperanza was spoiled, rich, and quite full of herself, living in a high social class family, and in general thought of herself better than others. At first, she was against leaving everything she knew and loved, but in the end, found herself liking California. Esperanza made new friends, in particular, Isabel, who taught her many things, even though she was younger. She taught her how to appreciate what she had, and how to get a job done. …show more content…

Many people do choose to stay in their home country, for various reasons, but others, such as Esperanza and her mother, choose to leave one place for another, the same way many Syrians are immigrating to Germany. In other words, while several stay, several leave as well, and it is therefore up to those said people to decide. A point often overlooked, though, when all of the numbers are in the air, it is very easy to forget that these are people, not just statistics. As said in Pam Munoz Ryan’s book, Esperanza Rising, “There is no rose without thorns.” This represents that, despite the peremptory positive effects, there is nothing without flaws, and no life without

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