Thesis Statement: Origin Of Morality: Religion And Philosophy

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Thesis Statement: Origin of Morality Outline A.Universal Ethics 1.Karl Barth, The Command of God 2.Thomas Aquinas, The Natural Law 3.Thomas Hobbes, Natural Law and Natural Right 4.Immanuel Kant, The Categorical Imperative B.Morality and Practical Reason 1.Practical Reason a.Practical Reason and Practical Reasons C.Evolution of Morality 1.What makes Moral Creatures Moral 2.Explaining the Nature of Moral Judgments F. Answering Questions 1. What is the origin of Morality: Religion or Philosophy? 2. What does religion say about morality? 3. What does Philosophy say about morality? 4. Are they alike? Introduction Morality has long been used by human being as a basis for their actions. Believers of God think that doing good deeds is being moral and thus these actions will save them from their sins. They believe that following God’s will, that is the 10 commandments and in the new commandments stated in the New Testament is the written and visible basis for these actions found in the Holy Bible. . Others believe that being moral is not just following the 10 commandments. Many instances already happened where people are already confused about what is good and what is not. Instances like doing an unethical action in order to save others or give justice; this example is best shown in the movie Robin Hood. People are under in a level of dilemma because sometimes they can do things that are
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