Things Fall Apart And Othello Comparison Essay

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Comparison Paper Things Fall Apart and Othello are two stories that the main characters have tragic flaws. The tragic flaws between the two have many similarities and differences. The Differences in the characters societies and situation they find themselves in still relate back to one another. The development of characters that Achebe Chinua (Things Fall Apart) and William Shakespeare (Othello) had done in their own stories are phenomenal. (SNT) Othello and Okonkwo’s Tragic flaws Okonkwo 's flaw is that of pride, being incredibly proud of his heritage and his refusal of allowing an alien community and its religion infiltrate daily life (Douglas, 107). Othello 's major flaw is his jealousy. Iago, when informing Othello, but does not provide sufficient evidence the Moor accepts it anyway and allows attempted murder of Cassio. It is because he was led to believe that Desdemona and Cassio had slept together. Iago and…show more content…
Development of Othello The character of Othello transforms during the course of the play from a respected and revered general to a fallen and easily fooled man, due to the unfortunate sequence of events that transpire through both coincidence and Iago’s evil designs. He said that he wouldn’t be the jealous type unless he had seen it happen right in front of him, but with the help of Iago and a lot of coincidences it had happened in front of him. His judgment of the coincidence over ruled facts that could have changed the way it had ended drastically (Nwabueze, 167). Conclusion A) Similarities of “The white people” and Iago 1) The white people were cunning toward the tribespeople. 2) Iago used his knowledge of everything to put his plan into effect. B) Differences of Othello and Okonkwo 1) Othello had known what he had done wrong before he died 2) Okonkwo did not know what he had done wrong before he died C) Development of Okonkwo 1) Starts off prideful, well-known, and loved. 2) Ends being to prideful no one has faith in him like

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